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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a new perspective

Today was a fruitful day. I realized that my life has now come to a steady speed, and I need new goals. Now that school is done, I am not running on hyperdrive everyday- trying to get as much work done, while still keeping up with readings and projects as well as maintaining high marks. I pretty much came to the realization that my career is going to be like this for about a year. Hopefully I get into a permanent line by then, but for now I will be working as a casual at two places. So, what now? I need new goals.


1. Learn to drive and pass the exam before Christmas (drive 1 hr everyday)

2. Lose the 20 lbs I gained from nursing school by Hubby's bday (work out 3x a week, start eating a balanced diet)

3. Take turns with hubby when it comes to walking the dog (i.e. on free days)

4. Make up a cleaning schedule for the house and stick to it.

5. Make it a point to go to 2 new grad seminars before 2011.

Hopefully I will be able to stick to this plan lol :) that's mostly the problem hehehe

Monday, July 26, 2010

Time Flies...

Wow! where did july go? I cannot believe it's almost my August! I've been working so much and just enjoying the sun whenever I can. I remember during the new grad orientation, they said that it is when you start working that you find out how much you actually don't know... and it's scary.. really. Thank goodness I am one of those people who are not afraid to ask for help and I am equally lucky because my co-workers are really glad to help. I don't know- I don't think there's any other unit like it. It makes the workload so doable and even fun... because the team is such a "team." I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. :) Of course, there's good days and bad days.. but I try my best to just shake things off and move on.. It's easier said than done. But, i'm working on it. I tend to dwell on mistakes. And it really isn't helping me, or anyone else if I keep doing that.

Anyway, my anniversary is coming up and, I still don't know what to get for my hubby. He has been so supportive of me during the past 3 months of being in a new chapter of our life. He's been riding the waves of my moods... (c'mon guys, it's a difficult transition time) hehehe... and for that I have to get him something special... hmmm....

So I hope all you nurses and nurses-to-be are having a fabulous day! hopefully I'll have more time in August to blog about my experiences. For now, I gotta run!