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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Crazy Month of May

This is my third attempt at blogging. I just can't seem to get the hang of it. :( That being said, I am hoping that being in a "transitional" point in my life, I can commit to start journalling beyond what was a requirement back in nursing school. Ha! I talk about it like it was a long time ago, when in fact I only technically graduated a little over 2 weeks ago. I guess I'm still in the reminiscing mood as all of my classmates are. After all, we were together for four years. What I find interesting is that most of our experiences through nursing school is now fondly remembered. Whereas if we started to look back 6 months ago, it wouldn't all be positive remarks. It was a difficult 4 years. Lots of hard work, blood, sweat and tears-literally! :)

Anywhoo, April (the dreaded month)is now over- the end of preceptorship, registration exams, job applications and interviews are all in the past! The month of May has started and I am now officially a nurse! woohoo!!! it is starting to sink in now... A new month, a new title, a new job (actually, 2 jobs)... a new chapter in my life! It makes me feel like a brand new person. Like all new graduate nurses, I am full of energy and optimism for my new career.

I officially resigned for my teller job today. It is bittersweet! The bank has been my family these past five years. It has become a major part of my identity since it was my first "real" job. I worked all throughout my nursing program- and my fellow tellers have grown together with me. We're mostly university students so we pretty much have the same series of events happening throughout the year (we'd have the same exam periods, reading breaks etc.) I am so sad to leave the bank. There is a sense of security that I cannot put into words... but oh well, I know that this change is for the better. Like the saying goes, "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Thursday is my first official day at the hospital. I am working in Psychiatry. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I know that it will be a stressful couple of months, because it always is when you start a new job. It's the period of adjusting to the new role, building confidence and realizing that my days as a student nurse are now over- no more safety net! I am now completely accountable. No more riding on any other person's license yikes! Anxious much? :S
I also know that there's no way around this feeling. It's just one of those things- you gotta experience it; learn and grow from it. Like my preceptor used to always say, dealing with difficult situations will make you a better nurse. I hope he's right....

Just some tips for current preceptorship students around applying for jobs:

1. Apply early. They say you need to wait until mid-preceptorship (late Feb to mid-March for the winter semester) but most of my classmates who applied early (in January) are the ones who have jobs- others are still waiting to hear from the health authorities.

2. Role play an interview with your classmates. Yes they ask you about specific medications, symptoms etc. in a situational format so keep up with your knowledge and practice your critical thinking skills. Plus, this helps you review for the registration exams right?

3. Save your money. The last month of preceptorship is a very expensive month- considering the fact that you're not working that much, registration exams fees and paying for the registration itself can add up. It cost around $800 CDN for me- so unless someone else other than yourself is supporting you financially, refrain from retail therapy and eating out :)

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  1. Yeah!! Congratulations!! That must be the most awesome feeling.. Please share your experiences, that's what makes us making that big step keep on moving forward... You'll make a great NURSE!

    Psss. thanks for following!!